Album Vs. Download

With all the new technology such as iPods, iPhones, MP3 players etc it can be easy to get caught up in the accessibility of music these days. iTunes provides easy access to your favourite songs on your iPod in just a couple of seconds, but for some people you don’t have the album until you have the hard cd.

Don’t get me wrong, I see many positives to quickly downloading an album from iTunes but for me I prefer having my stack of CDs on my desk and being able to see my entire iTunes library in person – what else are the band supposed to sign?! When you download an album from iTunes you can see the album artwork but there is so much more than the artwork and songs to an album. Most albums have a particular theme or message the band wants to put across with the record and they will go to a lot of effort to do this. They will carry the theme across the entire album – from the songs and artwork to the little things like the lyric book. Even who they write their Thank You’s to may add to the theme as well as get the bands personality across to the listener. Having the hard copy of an album right in front of you allows you to see the complete message behind the album.

Having said this, CDs can end up taking up a lot of space. A lot of bands these days like to download their music because there simply isn’t enough room on a tour bus to carry stacks of CDs. It also means they don’t have to trail to the shops on tour to pick up the latest albums from their favourite bands. So perhaps if you travel a lot having iTunes is handy, however, iTunes allows you to upload a record from a CD so you can take your music with you through iTunes and still have the hard copy waiting for you at home.

There are pros and cons to both albums and downloads but if you’re someone who automatically jumps straight into downloading songs from iTunes, why don’t you buy an album, flick through the lyric book and read the ‘thank you’s’. You never know, you might just change your mind!


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