Pardon My French Deluxe Review

For fans of: The Color Morale, For All Those Sleeping, A Day To Remember, New Found Glory.

1. Restart
2. Taking Chances
3. Bipolar Mind
4. Haters Gonna Hate
5. The Progression of Regression
6. Pardon My French
7. Between Your Lines
8. I Am Nothing Like You
9. Reasons To Turn Back
10. So Close and Yet So Far
11. Miles and Decibels
12. The Best Is Yet To Come
13. Good For You
14. Insanity
15. Kids
16. Taking Chances (Acoustic)

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! were not at the top of their game when they released their debut album Something For Nothing back in 2010 – blending over the top breakdowns with clean vocals, not to mention lead singer Bert’s awkward accent. However they were quickly snatched up by Fearless Records and thrown on a number of tours ranging from Warped Tour to A Day To Remember’s ‘Right Back At It Again’ tour which caused some confusion between critics and fans alike.

However, C!NCC! soon realised that they needed to up their game and in late April 2013 the band released Pardon My French, an album which certainly reassured everyone of their talents. Gone are the days of the misplaced keyboards, electronic influences and the nasal vocals found on old tracks such as ‘Sink Or Swim’ and instead, C!NCC! started to find their sound, replacing these with double bass drums and razor sharp hooks in tracks such as ‘Taking Chances’. Even some of the heavier bits were executed with much more panache than on their debut album. What’s more is that Bert managed to grow out of the nasal vocals and awkward accent giving a new confidence to the pop punk vocals. The heavy break downs and metal growls are contrasted with just the right amount of pop punk in the choruses to give a nice balance and upbeat feel across the entire album.

A little after a year later the French quintet released a deluxe edition which picks up right where Pardon My French left off with a seamless transition that doesn’t miss a beat. The Deluxe Edition holds 4 previously unreleased songs including an acoustic track of ‘Taking Chances’. ‘Kids’ and ‘Good For You’ are both tracks that force the listener to pay attention with their distorted guitars, catchy choruses and quick drum beats. Eric Poncet and Paul Wilson’s impeccable guitar work is showcased at their finest throughout these tracks, particularly on ‘Good For You’. ‘Insanity’ is possibly the most enjoyable track on the record as well as being responsible for the band’s heaviest intro to date. The hook that runs throughout the chorus is incredibly catchy and the fist bumping bridge near the end easily makes this song one of the most fun and well crafted in the bands history. The album is rounded off with an acoustic version of ‘Taking Chances’. The folk-esque guitar riffs and piano parts are matched nicely with Bertrand’s voice together making a beautiful version of the song. Although the accent is back slightly it adds an interesting feel to the song, not to mention that they did a good job of apologising for it in the title of the album!

The new additions to the album are C!NCC! through and through with Bert making sudden changes from a pop punk melodic chorus to death core style breakdown with little warning. Whether you are already a fan of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! or not there is no denying that the band is definitely improving. With enjoyable choruses and energetic breakdowns the band provide an all round good time and I definitely suggest checking out the new additions to the album.

Favourite Tracks:

  • Restart
  • Haters Gonna Hate
  • The Progression of Regression
  • Insanity
  • Kids
  • Taking Chances (acoustic)

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