American Beauty/American Psycho Review

After the massive return of Fall Out Boy in 2013 with the band releasing a full length album straight after their hiatus, fans were left wondering what would be next for the band. Earlier this week the four piece pop-punk band announced the title of their latest album to be released in January 2015. On top of this they premiered the title track from the album on BBC Radio 1.

I think it’s fair to say that the new sound produced by the quartet is somewhat controversial amongst their fans. During the premiere of the track, Pete (Wentz, bass) said: “we turned left, when everyone expected us to turn right” and it certainly wasn’t an understatement. ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ has definitely taken a new direction for Fall Out Boy and not necessarily for the better. Sure, the chorus is catchy as hell but the whole track feels over produced. With Andy’s (Hurley, drums) repetitive drums and a rather electronic sounding backing track, it sounds like they’ve tried too hard to produce something that will get in the charts but got lost along the way. The individual instruments can’t be heard particularly well either and some of the melodic guitar riffs from Joe (Trohman, guitar) seem to get lost in the electronic/pop sound or don’t really seem to hold that much structure throughout the song.

It seems like it’s left to Patrick (Stump, lead singer) to try and rescue the song with his catchy lyrics and distinctive voice. There is no doubt that Stump does have an excellent voice, and seems to have no problem with the different genres the band seem to have tried recently. Whether that is enough to save the entire song this time is something I’m still trying to work out.

It’s not all bad news for the quartet from Illinois though. The outro holds a very strong guitar riff and drum beat which definitely resembles part of the old Fall Out Boy. It is also undeniable that the chorus is extremely catchy and will be repeating in your head for hours after listening to the song.

All in all, I really don’t know how I feel about this song. I’m trying to get myself to like it but my ears are rejecting it. It just seems too forced and rushed to be loved as much as their older records such as Folie à Deux. Maybe the sudden change in sound on this track will become more clear when the entire album is released, but for now I think I’ll be sticking to their old albums. I’m sorry Fall Out Boy, I’m cool with you trying out new sounds and usually whatever you do works, but I think you’ve missed the mark on this one.

‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ is released December 8th with the entire album American Beauty/American Psycho being released on January 20th.


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