Have You Heard: Blitz Kids

For fans of: Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, We Are The Ocean and Mallory Knox.

The pop-punk quartet from Cheshire certainly left a mark on the music scene in 2014. Blitz Kids’ second full length album The Good Youth landed early in the year and has brought the band a whole lot of new attention from fans old and new.

I think it’s fair to say the guys in Blitz Kids weren’t at the top of their game with their debut album Vagrants & Vagabonds, and their Never Die EP certainly honed a style, but it was one that found critical acclaim. Ultimately, that style failed to lead them to the top. But after working with the iconic John Feldmann who took to producing their latest release, Blitz Kids have certainly taken their sound to brand new heights. The Good Youth has placed the band in a much more fitting niche than anything they have previously released – one that is fun, accessible and certainly enjoyable.

After spending the remainder of 2014 supporting Taking Back Sunday, Marmozets and Canterbury, playing the main stage at the likes of Slam Dunk festival and completing their own UK and European tour, Blitz Kids are taking a little time off for the beginning of the year. 2015 may see them on a few more tours and could maybe see the beginning of a new record being written, although after waiting 3 years for The Good Youth to finally be released, I wouldn’t expect anything to be finished anytime soon! For now, I for one am content with the songs from The Good Youth and the vast variety of covers the band (primarily Jono) are rapidly building up on YouTube.

Not only do the band seem comfortable in their new sound, they are also building up a reputation for being some of the nicest dudes in pop-punk. I had the honour of bumping into them during Slam Dunk last year and immediately felt at ease with them. There is no act – they just seem genuine. They made jokes with us like we had been friends for years, jokes which are still sometimes brought up by the guys on twitter. One thing that is evident is that fans are treated as friends.

2014 was a huge year for Joey James (lead vocals), Jono Yates (lead guitar), Nic Montgomery (bass guitar) and Matt Freer (drums) but I cannot help but think they have a lot more coming in the near future. It certainly won’t be the last time you hear of them as they embark on a long, exciting journey through the pop-punk genre – a journey many fans intend to follow them on. I know I will be.

Favourite tracks:

  • Never Die
  • Keep Swinging
  • Run For Cover
  • Perfect
  • Pinnacle

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