Hold On Pain Ends Review

For fans of: Glassjaw, The Killer Apathy, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and For All Those Sleeping.

Track listing:

  1. Damnaged
  2. Outer Demons
  3. Prey For Me
  4. Lifeline (Left To Write)
  5. Scar Issue
  6. Suicide;Stigma (feat. Dave Stephens)
  7. The Ones Forgotten By The One Forgetting
  8. Developing Negative (feat. Craig Owens)
  9. Is Happiness A Mediocre Sin
  10. Between You And Eye
  11. Throw Your Roses
  12. Hold On Pain Ends

Just 18 months after Know Hope hit the shelves of your local record shop, The Color Morale are back with the killer album Hold On Pain Ends. The post-hardcore band from Illinois signed to Fearless Records soon after their release of Know Hope making this the bands first full length album to be released through their new label.

Releasing a new album so quickly came as a surprise to a number of their fans as well as raising concerns that the sudden turn around could cause the album to be too rushed or generic. However, their fans were not left disappointed! Between the superb guitar riffs and Garret’s (Rapp, vocals) refined vocals, this album knows exactly how to capture and hold your attention. Rapp’s cleans have greatly improved on this album and his screams are more organic and true than ever. Devin King (lead guitar) and Aaron Saunders’ (rhythmic guitar) melodic tunes and electric riffs compliment the quick changes between screams and cleans made by Rapp perfectly to provide seamless changes from verse to verse.

The Color Morale have an excellent way of using guest vocalists without over-using them. Craig Owens (Chiodos) and Dave Stephens (We Came As Romans) both make an appearance on the album adding low screams to enhance the overall feel of the entire album. ‘The Ones Forgotten by The One Forgetting’ is definitely a track to be listened to. Rapp has managed to capture the point of the song in a way that is unique to the band and has The Color Morale written all over it. The second half of the album has a more positive feel to it with songs such as ‘Is Happiness A Mediocre Sin’ and ‘Throw Your Roses’, again providing catchy tunes and lyrics that will be stuck in your head for hours. Hold On Pain Ends finishes off with an acoustic track which is the perfect ending to this album and shows off the different layers the band has to offer.

Hold On Pain Ends is a well-crafted album full of songs with melodies and lyrics alike that are sure to impact the listeners and provide a strong connection during shows. If post-hardcore is up your street this album is a must have as it really shows off the bands full potential. The Color Morale are definitely a band to keep your eye on because, if this record is anything to go by, they’re only just getting started!

Favourite Tracks:

  • Prey For Me
  • Lifeline
  • The Ones Forgotten By The One Forgetting
  • Hold On Pain Ends

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