We Like It Loud Review

Sleeping With Sirens have kicked off the year by releasing a brand new single. More importantly, they have put ‘We Like It Loud’ up on SoundCloud complete with a FREE download for the remainder of the day. Yes, you read that correctly, it is completely free for 24 hours. Way to celebrate the beginning of a brand new year, right?

After the release of their last album Feel, Sleeping With Sirens received a lot of complaints about their new sound with fans practically begging the band to return to their old, more authentic sound and their wishes were granted. After the release of the single ‘Kick Me’, taken from their as-yet-untitled album to be released later this year, it became obvious that the band had listened to their fans and have returned to the rock sound that everyone fell in love with.

From the first few seconds of ‘We Like It Loud’, you know this song is not going to be a disappointment. Opening with a scream from Kellin (Quinn, vocals) and a thumping drum beat, the intro is bound to get you nodding your head within seconds. The remainder of the song is full of electric guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. The guitar and bass compliment the vocals perfectly allowing the song to flow from verse to verse seamlessly. There really isn’t a lot I can pick out that I don’t like about this song except that it’s simply not long enough! The single is 2 minutes and 17 seconds of pure enjoyment that has been extremely well written and produced. The entire song is a reminder of just how good these guys are. Sleeping With Sirens are definitely back in business – I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Download the song for FREE here (today only).


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