Playing Dead Review

It’s only the third month of 2015 and we’ve already had a ton of incredible releases from just a few of the bands that make up the ever-growing pop punk genre. Now, the Parisian five piece Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have returned to the scene offering a brand new album. Get Lost, Find Yourself is the band’s third full-length album and is set to be released on May 18th in the UK (19th in the US) and to celebrate, C!NNC! have dropped the lead single from the album and it’s an absolute banger.

There is absolutely no doubt that ‘Playing Dead’ is a Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! song with Bertrand (Poncet, vocals) switching from pop-punk to metal core as seamlessly as he always does. The song sounds as though it could belong on Pardon My French (the band’s previous album release) as it leans more heavily to the pop-punk genre with occasional hints of metal making their way through. This is more prevalent through the vocals of Bertrand. One minute he’s singing a catchy chorus, and before you know it, you’re in a powerful breakdown with guttural vocals before quickly returning back to the pop-punk feel.

Of course you can’t mix the two genres without adding in the famous guitar riffs and a strong bass line. The intro riff is about as C!NNC! as you can get and their guitar tones throughout the track are just awesome. Chunk! incorporates the sounds of their influences, such as A Day To Remember, to their own sound to create a rather unique style that cannot be mistaken for anyone else, making it almost impossible to not fall in love with this band and their work.

‘Playing Dead’ represents everything that Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! do best. It is highly energetic, catchy and heavy in all the right places and gives you the energy and good-time feelings of pop punk and the aggression of metal core all in one package. Personally, I think this single sets the expectations high for the rest of the album and I can’t wait to see which direction they have chosen to take. Get Lost, Find Yourself is available to preorder here.

‘Playing Dead’ is being given as an instant download to those who pre-order the album. Treat your ears to the single by listening here: 

Track listing:

  1. Playing Dead
  2. City of Light
  3. The Other Line
  4. Set It Straight
  5. Pull You Under
  6. What Goes Around
  7. Worst Case Scenario
  8. Twist The Knife
  9. Get Lost, Find Yourself
  10. Every Moment

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