Anarbor review

For fans of: The Maine, We Are The In Crowd, Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade

Track listing: 

  1. Freaking Out!
  2. Dopamine
  3. Can’t Help It
  4. Josie
  5. Paint This Town
  6. Through The Night
  7. Already Dead
  8. Who Cares?
  9. If You Sing
  10. Pushaway

After a short 3 year break and the loss of guitarist Dave Melillo, Anarbor are back with a brand new self titled album. The 3 previous releases from Anarbor were packed full of catchy choruses that just about held their ground in the pop-punk genre. However,  they have taken a turn with their fourth full length studio album and converted their sound down an indie rock route.

The new sound is a somewhat refreshing new take on the band that will still appeal to Anarbor’s old fans whilst picking up plenty of new ears for the band. With plenty of emphasis on the heavy bass lines and plenty of synthesisers from beginning to end,  Anarbor have certainly found a gap and sound that fits them perfectly and is sure to bring the band a strong future in the industry. There is an obvious improvement in lead singer Slade Echeverria’s tone and it’s clear that the time off was maybe exactly what the band needed.

‘Freaking Out!’  and ‘Dopamine’ still hold a glimmer of Anarbor’s previous sound throughout the chorus and bridge but it is clear to see from Josie, one of the slower songs on the record, that the band have changed their influences to carry them into the more polished indie rock world. Closing songs ‘If You Sing’ and ‘Pushaway’ roll into one to express a love affair gone wrong and it is made apparent that Anarbor have not lost their ability to tell a story through the lyrics.

Each of the ten tracks on the self titled album shows maturity and improvement in all areas that is sure to delight fans old and new. It may not be my favourite of their albums but it’s certainly going down a good direction for Anarbor that holds a lot of promise for the quartet. They’ve managed to keep a strong hold on the charm that was delivered in the previous three releases Free Your Mind,  The Words You Can’t Swallow and Burnout but also manages to tidy up any loose ends to produce a neat album that provides a pleasurable listen from start to finish. Hopefully a tour will be on the horizon to celebrate the return of Anarbor and the release of such a strong album.

Favourite tracks: 

  • Freaking Out!
  • Dopamine
  • Can’t Help It
  • Who Cares?

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