Have you heard: The Gospel Youth

For fans of: Trash Boat, The Bottom Line, Kids In Glass Houses, Natives

Originating from Brighton, The Gospel Youth are off to a strong start in the music scene. Having only formed in late 2014, the five-piece have already released 3 EP’s including an acoustic EP, The True Lost Boys, and are over halfway through their first full length album.

Honing in on the pop-rock genre, the band have a way of mixing smooth guitar tones with honest, heartfelt lyrics written by singer Samuel Little to produce strong rhythms and catchy choruses. However, they aren’t afraid to show their soft side either but ‘If You Were A Rope’ from the Empires EP is perhaps one of the weaker songs the band have written. The slow-paced, melancholy song of the EP has a softer, acoustic guitar melody allowing the focus to concentrate on the lyrics and soft vocals without being overpowered by the instrumentals. It’s certainly well written but I can’t help but feel it doesn’t quite fit on the Empires EP and lacks the emotion that later release ‘Resolutions’ has. ‘Resolutions’ has an elongated, slower start before building back up to the energetic punch that The Gospel Youth achieve so well. It is 2 minutes and 22 seconds of gorgeously written melodies and emotional lyrics that beautifully displays the diversity of the bands songwriting talent, easily making it one of my favourites of theirs. In fact, I really have nothing bad to say about this song except it’s simply not long enough!

The Gospel Youth are trying something slightly different with their debut album as instead of recording and releasing it all at once, they are releasing each song as singles, one each month of 2016. These songs are first released to their ‘fan site’ which they have named Team TGY usually about a week before it is released to everyone else on Spotify etc. So far, the energetic guitar and passionate vocals have created engaging and uplifting tracks that are crammed full of talent and make for perfect summer listening. With only four more singles to come, and so far not one song that isn’t quite up to scratch, we can only wait to see if they can manage to keep the brilliance coming.

After spending a good part of 2016 so far on tour around the UK with Hands Like Houses, the band have recently announced that they will be supporting Trash Boat on their short UK run along with These Minds this October. Although they haven’t done many, if any, headline shows this year, the band have hinted at the possibility of a few shows in December too so perhaps a few headline shows are just around the corner.

As a fairly new band, The Gospel Youth certainly still have some room to grow and find their sound but I can’t help but be excited for what the future holds for the quintet. If you’re into Deaf Havana, Kids In Glass Houses, or in fact anything with a pop-rock flavour, you will rightly fall in love with this band.

Check them out and if you like what you hear you can catch them at Seasick Festival and on the main stage at Butserfest, or of course with Trash Boat later this year. Also be sure to check out Team TGY – for a mere £3 per month you can download the full backlog of songs plus receive all the new content they release and 10% off merch. Other tiers for £10+ and £25+ bags you gifts sent out in the post each month and other exciting goodies.


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