Have You Heard: Taxi For Bob

For fans of: Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory

Taxi For Bob is a name I’ve heard thrown around a couple times in the past few months but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon their Bandcamp page that I actually gave them a listen. Originating from Barnsley, the 3-piece don’t disappoint and offer everything you would expect from a classic pop-punk band.

Their debut EP Stuck In Here is full of solid drum beats and some pretty strong bass lines that has pop punk written all over it. However, it’s latter release Joke About It that leaves you wanting more. Released in April this year, the 5-track EP is a massive step up from the first and makes it perfectly clear that the trio certainly aren’t joking about it when it comes to writing music. Taxi For Bob really showcase their song writing skills throughout the entire EP, creating the perfect balance between the catchy vocals from Tom Jackson (vocals and guitar) and the fast paced instrumentation provided by Tom, Alex Bower (bass) and Mattie Jones (drums).

Stand out track ‘If You’re Not Dreaming, You’re Just Sleeping’ from the Joke About It EP offers great guitar riffs and a head-nodding beat that makes it seem like it would be very promising live. It has also been featured on a mixtape put together by This Party Sucks who aim to showcase the best of South Yorkshire’s punk talent. The band are beginning to make a name for themselves around Barnsley and have played a few local shows including Live In Barnsley festival.

This is a band that have made it perfectly clear where they want to be in the industry. You can certainly hear their musical influences from the likes of big pop-punk names in both EPs. Are they trying too hard to be the next Good Charlotte? Maybe. But given a bit more time to hone in on their own sound, I can’t help but feel that they have so much more to offer. With such a big improvement in just one year, I’m excited for the future of Taxi For Bob and to see where their next few releases take them.

Listen to ‘If You’re Not Dreaming, You’re Just Sleeping’ below or you can find both EPs on their Bandcamp page here. You can also catch Taxi For Bob live with Sweet Little Machine in December.


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