Have You Heard: CROOX

For fans of: Jack Garratt, The Weeknd, Honne

Formed in 2014, CROOX provide a refreshing new take on the electronic hip-hop scene. The Brighton born band mix a synth-heavy arrangement with flawlessly smooth vocals that are perfectly executed to form a modernised take on R&B.

With 2 EPs to date, it is obvious CROOX put just as much effort into the visual aspects of the band as their sound. EU, their first EP released in 2015, features 4 minimalist tracks each coupled with a video shot in the European cities of Milan, London, Berlin and Paris. Their visual efforts are continued into the artistic live performances of the band, with each member dressed head to toe in black clothing. This perfectly emphasises the minimalist production and the ambiance each track creates making CROOX stand out as a creative collective.

Later release Tide shows their modern and somewhat futuristic sound carried throughout the EP. The 6-track was released earlier in the year and is yet another example of why CROOX are worthy of a listen. With their misty synths continued throughout this release and an unexpected rap thrown into ‘Fake & Fortune’, it is clear the quartet are more diverse than they may originally seem.

Their forward thinking creativity has certainly built a reputation for CROOX and the dreamy atmosphere they produce through their live performances is truly enchanting. Having toured with the likes of Saul Williams and Jeremy Loops, and with their lead single ‘Crying’ being featured on BBC 1 Xtra introducing, this is only the beginning for the band. With not a single song below par to date, it all rests on the next few releases but I wouldn’t be surprised if CROOX soon became a household name – no pressure boys!



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