Have You Heard: Idles

For fans of: Slaves, The Fall, Drenge, Vant

There are plenty of up and coming bands out there that are making great tracks and have a well developed sound but just don’t seem to be finding their way in the vast and ever growing music scene. In my opinion, this is due to originality, or lack of it. With the growth of social media, marketing has become more important than ever and is something only a few ‘new’ bands have mastered. Introducing: Idles. 

The Bristolian quintet have never had a problem finding their feet in terms of the sound they create. Idles describe themselves as an “angry band” and that really is the only way to describe the fury of this post-punk band. The genius lyrics hold that ever-so-British ‘fuck everything’ charm and attack the everyday problems we all face in the 21st century, keeping the band current. Bored of people taking selfies? They’ve got a song for that. Annoyed that people don’t like the clothes you’re wearing? They’ve got you covered. Want a bitter critique about budget cuts to the NHS? No problem, give ‘Divide & Conquer’ a spin.

But as mentioned earlier, the insanely clever marketing from the band is what makes Idles stand out. Each video they release, every item of merchandise they sell, heck even their tour posters are a creative work of art that ensure you won’t be forgetting their name anytime soon. Mix this with the gloomy but energetic ambiance of the instrumentals and the relatable lyrics of their 2 EPs Welcome and MEAT (followed up by META, a remix EP) and you have yourself an exciting band that could be ready to follow in the footsteps of mainstream punk bands such as Slaves.

Having just released the second single ‘Well Done’ (below) from their upcoming debut full-length and a number of sold-out shows in the area, Idles are conquering the Bristol music scene. Their moody attitude on and off the stage is intriguing and will inevitably leave you coming back for more. Idles are currently out on a UK tour throughout November so make sure you head down to your nearest date and grab a beer or two.


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