Have You Heard: Mark Diamond

For fans of: Blackbear, Jacob Lee, Victoria Canal

Some people just ooze creativity and hold a natural ability to create hauntingly beautiful melodies track after track. Seattle based singer/songwriter Mark Diamond does exactly that. Diamond offers an indie-pop vibe through his perfect blend of the simplistic instrumentation and airy vocals.

The release of his debut EP Cosma earlier this year brought a lot of praise for Mark Diamond, and rightfully so. In fact, he even found himself nominated for Pop Album of the Year in the IMEA Awards – not bad for a debut EP, eh? It’s not surprising that Diamond has already won the hearts of many with his lyrics. The message in his words is unbelievably raw that you can’t help but stop and listen to what he has to say.

Both the vocals and the acoustic instrumentation are gripping and almost force you to stop what you’re doing and just concentrate on the music. Mark Diamond is undeniably talented and makes it seem so effortless that each song allows you to clear your mind – perfect for relaxing after a long day at the office! Listen to ‘Silhouette’ below:



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