Have You Heard: Sunsleeper

For fans of: Black Foxxes, Movements, Have Mercy, Citizen

After forming in 2015, Sunsleeper got straight to work on their debut EP Stay The Same which was released earlier this summer and the result is absolutely stunning.

The Utah based band poured almost a year of work into the release and their efforts are noticeable right from the offset. Sunsleeper have mastered a way of carefully placing warm vocals and the soft electric guitar intertwined amongst the slightly heavier full band sections of each song. Each track holds it’s own on the record in a way that keeps the listener wanting more of the relatable lyrics or unpredictable instrumentals that compliment each other so perfectly. Stand out track ‘Break or Bury’ is the second track on the release and uses exciting instrumentals that really shows off what the band has to offer.

Sunsleeper have honed in on their craft so precisely and produced a sound that seems to fit together in such a seamless manner. I love everything about this EP – the energetic start of ‘Come Back Home’ to the way the guitars ring out at the end of ‘Best Friends Forget’, and every single second in between. Even the artwork is captivating in its own simple but effective way. This is an unbelievably strong debut album, I’m already itching to see what else they can bring to the table.


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