Have You Heard: Junior

For fans of: WSTR, Highlives, Boston Manor

A few weeks ago, a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go out that night and I’d be a fool to say no, right?! So I hopped across the Severn to Cardiff and we headed to Clwb Ifor Bach to see the lovely boys in WSTR do their thing. I hadn’t heard of support band, Junior, before the show and didn’t really know what they had in store. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed though!

Pop-punk trio Junior were given a longer set time of 45 minutes due to main support Milestones falling ill and dropping off the tour, but they appeared unfazed and seemed to have no trouble stepping up to the mark to entertain the gathering crowd. The playful personalities of the threesome were put across in a fun but sincere manner through both their songs and the cheesy one-liners from Mark (vocals, bass) between tracks. Junior certainly aren’t afraid to get the crowd involved with their quirky ideas either – limbo was the last thing I was expecting to be taking part in half way through a pop punk show!

Junior offer a twist on pop-punk by combining it with the indie wrestling scene in the UK – who said wrestling and music don’t go together?! This is most obvious through single ‘Fall to Pieces’ featuring The Blackout’s Sean Smith. The accompanying video involves Sean being body slammed through a table and an appearance from WWE/TNA wrestler Matt Hardy.

This is a band who aren’t afraid to try new things and push the boundaries a little. They’ve almost created their own genre of music and have teamed up with Attack! Wrestling numerous times to play Pro Wrestling X Pop Punk shows in Cardiff which sounds beyond awesome if you ask me. It’s not all rough and tumble though and Junior have set out to show off their softer side with their new ‘Cuppa Tea Club’ on YouTube involving acoustic performances from the band.

Junior offer an interesting twist on modern skate punk and an all round great time at their shows. Check out the video for ‘Fall to Pieces’ below and head down to one of their upcoming gigs in Sheffield, Coventry and Birmingham if you can – you won’t be disappointed!


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